Yukon Immigration Confirmed the Requirements | YUKON COMMUNITY PILOT PROGRAM

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Hey Guys,
Hope you all are doing great!! Finally Canada immigration getting back to the normal and re-opening it's most of the immigration programs. In todays video I have talked about one of the new programs that not everyone is aware of, called , International Mobility Program: Yukon Community Pilot (YCP) – Open work permits (LMIA exemption code A75) under the Yukon Provincial Nominee Program that has been introduced recently.
In this video I will walk you through the complete application process step-by-step, will discuss the requirements, process time and will also clear some confusions regarding its requirements.
Good Luck!!

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What is the Processing Time for Yukon Pilot Program?
watching this video you will know:
What is the minimum score required for IELTS for Yukon Community Pilot (YCP)?
What is the minimum required level of education for Yukon Community Pilot (YCP)?
What are required settlement funds for Yukon Community Pilot (YCP)?
What are the jobs under Yukon Community Pilot (YCP)?
What are the requirements for Yukon Community Pilot (YCP)?
Who can apply for Yukon Community Pilot (YCP)?
What are the NOC for Yukon Community Pilot (YCP)?
What are the fees for Yukon Community Pilot (YCP)?
What is the application process time Yukon Community Pilot (YCP)?
How to fill out application for Yukon Community Pilot (YCP)?
What jobs can I get in Yukon?
How to approach employers in Canada to get a job offer?
How to get a job offer in Canada for Canada PR?
Where to find jobs and employers to get a job in Canada?
Where to apply for Canada jobs?
updates about Canada Immigration Yukon Community Pilot (YCP)?

To get your Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) Report from WES

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