Why Investing In Gold Is A Good Idea

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Why investing in gold is a good idea.
In today's interview we have Amir Adnani who is the Chairman and Founder of GoldMining Inc. Amir has been massively successful in the gold mining industry and shares his knowledge with us on everything from the importance of gold, wealth creation, rebuilding the gold pipeline, his new royalty company, and why investing in gold is a good idea.

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As each day passes in 2020, it is critically important that you own gold in your investment portfolio.
Governments and central banks have created an unprecedented amount of money in 2020 to help solve the economic problems created by Covid-19. And to do this they had to print an unprecedented amount of money. This creates inflation, interest rate suppression, and the debasing of fiat currency. To hedge against these things, gold is a must have asset. The price of gold has risen substantially in the last year and a half and this has coincided with massive amounts of media attention. But because of the record highs being set in the stock market, investors still haven't pushed up the price of gold to where it should be.

The total US Debt is much higher today than in 2011 when gold was near $1900. As a country the United States have much more debt than it did in 2011 yet the price of gold is being United States printed trillions of dollars in just 90 days over the course of Spring 2020.

The total gold resources in the ground are now 50% less than they were just a decade ago. This is largely because the last gold bear market lasted nearly a decade and the large gold producers were focused on reducing debt and reducing debt profile instead of spending money on exploration and development. This has lead to a diminished supply of gold for investment purposes. The companies that invested heavily in gold in the early half of the last decade are set up for fantastic growth over the coming gold bull market.

And one of those companies happens to be Goldmining. In the precious metals space, the best performing companies today are the gold royalty and gold streaming companies. They trade at higher market multiples than developers and producers. Gold Royalty Corp is the creation of a new gold royalty company with 14 assets with royalties from Goldmining. Royalty companies are great long term ways for getting the benefit of gold mines as they develop and get into production while preserving equity and not taking anything away from investors. To create wealth one must be counter cyclical and buy when everyone else is afraid of buying. This is exactly what Goldmining did.

Their next project, The Gold Royalty Corporation is a pre-production offering ownership of 14 project including 12 million gold ounces measured and indicated and another 13 million ounces inferred coupled with a gold royalty vehicle. With most of their assets 100% owned, Goldmining will benefit twofold from selling the royalties and mining the gold.

Some of the top shareholders of Goldmining:
* Brazil Invest
* KCR Fund
* Sprott Holdings
* Ruffer Gold Fund
* Extract Capital
* IM Gold

Find Goldmining on the stock exchanges:

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