Useful Navigation Warps for Minecraft 1.16.2 Server || Navigation Plugin

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Hi guys, I made a plugin that might be useful for your servers, you can use it and play with friends for free. It is very easy to set the plugin setting and I made it easy for you to use also

If you want to use my plugin download it here

here is the commands:
(To all players)
/navigate -- gives you the navigation start(used to warp)
(to op players)
/navigation create (hub/skyblock/oneblock/minigames/market) - saves warp location
/navigation load - loads the saved warp locations
/navigation reset - removes all warps location

I highly agree if you only use my plugin for your own servers which is only you and your friends can play, I cannot recommend this plugin on servers that consists of more than 30 players because I don't want to get blamed by poeple :3

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