Tiny Baby Seal stuck in fishing net

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This very small baby seal gave us sleepless nights. We spotted him first a few days ago. He had a big piece of green trawler net wrapped around his neck and mouth, but we could not get close to him. He would always hide in the middle of a group of seals and escape into the water, before Antoine and Naude from Ocean Conservation Namibia (OCN) were able to reach him. Once in the water, we have to wait for a while before they re-emerge on the beach. When we finally got to him, it took only a few moments to cut him loose from a potentially fatal entanglement. He had no signs of injury, but the net was heavy for him and would have slowed him down when hunting, and it would have become tighter and tighter from his movements and his natural growth.

Ghost fishing nets like this green trawler net are responsible for many of our seals' entanglements. Until legislation gets changed, we will encounter this situation over and over again. We will continue to patrol the beaches around Swakopmund and Walvis Bay and Pelican Point.

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