This Is The Real Reason Why These Stars Left SNL

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Since Saturday Night Live debuted 1975, more than 150 talented performers have brought laughter to America. But while nothing lasts forever, you may be surprised at the real reason why some of these stars left SNL.

Thanks to "Weekend Update," his show-opening pratfalls, and bumbling impersonation of then-President Gerald Ford, Chevy Chase became the first breakout star of the original Saturday Night Live cast. Chase was also the first major cast member to exit the hit series, leaving part way through SNL's second season.

It was widely assumed Chase left to pursue a movie career; his first big-screen starring role came in 1978's Foul Play. However, in 2007 he revealed to Today the real reason he left, saying,

"I left for a girl that I was in love with. It had nothing to [do] with lucrative film deals awaiting me [...] I was very much in love with a girl who just would not leave California."

The comedian offered more details in a 2011 interview with the Los Angeles Times, recalling he was, quote, "infatuated" with future ex-wife Jacqueline Carlin, saying,

"[She] would not move to New York and insisted that I come there. It was all nuts, looking back on it. But I did regret it." Keep watching to learn The Real Reason Why These Stars Left SNL!

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