THE SAD STORY OF SPIDER-BOT | Disneyland Avengers Campus Product Review & Giveaway

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Poor Spider-Bot Things Just Didn't Go His Way In 2020

Mark Brickey is a full-time podcaster from the Southern California area. He is the host and producer of Adventures In Design, which has over 1200 episodes covering the struggles of turning your daydream into a day job. For more information, visit

He is also a Disneyland extreme fan and co-hosts a weekly podcast called Disneyland For Designers with Disneyland artist Jerrod Maruyama and visits the park weekly. In the summer of 2019, he set the world record for most Disneyland Tram rides in one operational day and lovingly refers to himself as the Trampion. In January of 2020, Brickey set the record as the very last guest to leave Disneyland Christmas season, making him the "King of Disneyland Christmas."

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