The Narrative Behind Play On Warhammer 40k Championship 2020

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4 Armies. 4 Games. 1 Objective. 1 Victor.

2020 ends with a 4-game Championship Series featuring members of the Play On team.
EARLY ACCESS on PATREON for each game being released this December 2020.

Play On Warhammer 40k Championship is brought to you by Frontline Gaming who provided the mats for all 4 games.

Nicholas Froese, or T'au Nick, brings an unique T'au force to try an recapture technology he lost to the Adeptus Mechanicus.

Tak's Adeptus Mechanicus Agripinaa are reeling from their sky base crashing to the planet surface and have called in reinforcements from Mars including Cawl himself.

Tycho Immega is fresh off the Chaos victory over the Grey Knights and looks to oppress the others with Evol, the Undefeated.

Space Marine Steve is the only returning player from Season 1 Championship and has chosen the Black Templar out of his massive collection to redeem himself with.

Who will triumph and be the victor of Season 2?

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