The man helped the eagle to survive, and 30 years later the eagle saved him from the wolf!

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The man saved the eagle and a few years later she saved his life.
We are used to talking so much about taking care of animals and helping them that sometimes these words become somehow false. Everyone can say nice words, but who will dare to give all their energy and time to rescue stray dogs or wild animals in trouble? To do this, you need to be really sensitive and compassionate to all living beings, and, unfortunately, there are not too many such people around us ... But animals are always ready to repay with kindness to those who sincerely love them!
Today I will tell you an amazing story that happened in Russia.
It was winter, the day was rather cold, and very soon it was getting dark. The man hoped to get to the house before dark, and he walked quite quickly through the forest, when he suddenly saw that a shadow flashed between the trees. The worker did not even stop - he thought that he just imagined, but then the man got frightened: in the winter silence he heard a loud roar. The worker felt uncomfortable, and he ran away from that place, but it was already too late: a huge gray #wolf jumped out of the forest wilderness right across to him.

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