Suga has a soft spot for Maknae Line

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Suga has a soft spot for BTS Maknae Line
Suga loves BTS maknae line and Maknae line loves Suga.
BTS Maknae line are Park Jimin, Kim Taehyung (V) and Jungkook.
In this video I have compiled up moments in which ARMY are going to see how Suga always love and care for Maknae line on or off camera.
You guys have known that Suga may be shy to express his emotions on-camera but off-camera he really cares about Maknae line. But he is an introvert so we can't expect him to be overly-expressive about his feelings. But whatever little gestures of love he shows, BTS members' and ARMYs' heart would filled with warmth.

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Suga protecting Jungkook ????
BTS Seasons Greetings 2020
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