Steal Items - VisuStella MZ Plugin #46

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The VisuStella MZ Plugin Library is a collection of plugins made for RPG Maker MZ. The team is lead by Yanfly and Archeia and the plugins are created by many of the prolific plugin developers found throughout the community.

Thieves with the ability to steal items from enemies aren't an uncommon class in RPG's. This plugin lets you set up enemies with items that can be stolen from with different types of effects that can occur upon stealing.

Features include all (but not limited to) the following:

- Create a pool of stealable items for each enemy.
- Make skills or items that have stealing properties attached to them.
- Some skills/items can be dedicated towards stealing specific types of loot (Gold, Items, Weapons, and/or Armor).
- Have different success rates for skills and items.
- Actors can gain trait effects that increase or decrease success rates.
- Enemies can gain resistance towards stealing.
- JavaScript uses can enable special effects to occur upon successfully stealing, failing, or emptying out an enemy's loot.
- Automatically translate drop items from the database into stealable loot.
- If weapons or armors are stolen, they can debuff the enemy and lower their parameters by their base bonuses.
- Use a Snatch effect to directly target a specific item to be stolen from the enemy.

For more information on this plugin, visit the wiki page!

This plugin has been created, fixed up, and polished by:

- Yanfly
- Arisu
- Olivia
- Irina
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