SRBMiner-MULTI - How to mine Monero - RandomX

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1. Download SRBMiner-MULTI from from

2. Unzip the archive somewhere

3. We will set up mining of Monero on RandomX algorithm.

- First you need to create a new wallet, or use an existing one (without payment id!)

I will use my donation address

- Monero can be mined on pool for example

4. Go to miner folder and double click on guided-setup.bat

The interactive configuration creator will start

5. Let's see the questions and answers:

- Coin name should be the name of the coin you are creating the configuration for. In this example it will be monero

- Algorithm for Monero is 'randomx'. You need to type this without the quotes.

- Address and port of mining pool is what we got from the pool's site

- This is not a nicehash pool, so write 'n'

- Address of the wallet now

- Password can be anything

- Do you want to use your CPU for mining? Answer 'y'

- How many CPU threads to use for mining? Answer 0, that will automatically set the number of threads.

- Logging can be useful when you have some issues and want to track them down. Let's set this to no 'n' now

- Do you want to run miner in the background, without a window ? We want to see the miner window, so answer 'n'

Now all you have to do to start mining is double click 'start-monero.bat'.

Happy mining :)
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