Spidey and Cap Track Down Blackjack! | Marvel Super Hero Adventures - It's On Me | SHORT

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Marvel Super Hero Adventures: Season 4, Ep 3 - It's On Me

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Spidey and Captain America learn a thing or two about responsibility when Cap decides to leave his new Victory Bike unlocked, only for it to get hijacked by the belligerent cyborg-space-bunny Blackjack!

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Spidey – Cole Howard
Captain America – Michael Daingerfield
Blackjack – Sam Vincent

Directed by Svend Gregori
Written by David Kidd & Ron Burch

Our favorite web-slinging, wall-crawling super hero is never short on adventure! Whether it’s visiting Wakanda, capturing cosmic criminals, or finding fantastic new friends, Spidey is swinging into the action webs-first!

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