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Design concept on Smooth Camera Follow :

The plugin had its version in 2019 April, and it was built to help user to designate a camera that smoothly follows the movement of a prop with the ability to adjust the offset position and lag time.

Updates & Benefits Include:
1. Press “Use Current Offset”to enter the calculated offset value of the controlled camera, instead of manually key in offset number.
2. Use "Camera Elevation value" to set the camera's vertical positioning in relation to the pivot of the selected target prop.
3. Optional “Post-Process Key Reduction” to reduce recorded keys for simpler timeline editing.
4. Be able to custom the camera follow settings at a designated range of "Timeline (Frames)", it allows effective adjustment over multiple camera follow operation.
5. To output the number of keys generated by the complicated interactions between "Frame Delay", "Timeline (Frames)", and "Post-Process Key Reduction" parameters.
6. Being able to bring all of the custom parameters back to their default values with "Reset" button.

Key adjustable parameters:
.Frame delay: Creating a lag between the view and the target.
.Tautness: Setting how tight or lose the camera follows the object.
.Offset: Indicating the current object coordination, and press "Use Current Offset" button to locate the object.
.Timeline (Frames): Setting the initial and the final frames for the follow motion.
.Post-process key reduction: Reducing the final number if keys in the camera timeline.


iClone 7 is evolving into an OPEN program with robust extension capabilities. Creative users can now easily augment animation features, and add custom devices to iClone through Python scripting. iClone OPEN provides essential resources for developers who are interested in creating plug-ins for iClone.

Know more:

Learn from Sample Code: :Smooth_Camera_Follow
.Drive the motion of the camera according to the animation of a prop.
.Populate drop down menus/combo boxes with elements from the scene.

See other Sample Code: :RL_Python_Samples

Becoming an iClone Plugin Developer:


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