Skills & States Core - VisuStella MZ Plugin #7

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The VisuStella MZ Plugin Library is a collection of plugins made for RPG Maker MZ. The team is lead by Yanfly and Archeia and the plugins are created by many of the prolific plugin developers found throughout the community.

The Skills & States Core plugin extends and builds upon the functionality of RPG Maker MZ's inherent skill, state, and buff functionalities and allows game devs to customize its various aspects.

Features include all (but not limited to) the following:

- Assigning multiple Skill Types to Skills.
- Making custom Skill Cost Types (such as HP, Gold, and Items).
- Allowing Skill Costs to become percentile-based or dynamic either directly through the Skills themselves or through trait-like notetags.
- Replacing gauges for different classes to display different types of Skill Cost Type resources.
- Hiding/Showing and enabling/disabling skills based on switches, learned skills, and code.
- Setting rulings for states, including if they're cleared upon death, how reapplying the state affects their turn count, and more.
- Allowing states to be categorized and affected by categories, too.
- Displaying turn counts on states drawn in the window or on sprites.
- Manipulation of state, buff, and debuff turns through skill and item effect notetags.
- Create custom damage over time state calculations through notetags.
- Allow database objects to apply passive states to its user.
- Passive states can have conditions before they become active as well.
- Updated Skill Menu Scene layout to fit more modern appearances.
- Added bonus if Items & Equips Core is installed to utilize the Shop Status Window to display skill data inside the Skill Menu.
- Control over various aspects of the Skill Menu Scene.

For more information on this plugin, visit the wiki page!

This plugin has been created, fixed up, and polished by:

- Yanfly
- Arisu
- Olivia
- IrinaS
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