Sammy the Bull Gravano Tries Awesome Hot Sauce

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It's truly an honor to share with you this Awesome video made by Mr Gravano and his team led by Peanuts. Sammy tried the Awesome Hot Sauce we sent him. He was even kind enough to make this video and share his experience with his Patreon Subscribers.
My grandfather and I read Underboss the year I graduated high school. It made a lasting impression on me.
These days Mr Gravano has arguably one of the best YouTube channels and podcasts going (Peanuts kicks butt.) Normally you do not get this bonus content without being a Patreon subscriber. Go check out Sammy the Bull Gravano on YouTube, and then head over to his Patreon and join us fellow members there.
Sammy the Bull truly lives by the core values he believes in. He is a real gentleman, and a real man, with a good heart. There's so much to really appreciate and like about the guy. You'll understand what I mean when you start watching his videos.
Thank you Peanuts for making this whole thing a reality. We love and support what you do. I need to take some post production lessons from you.
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