Roblox+ is SAFE, but this plugin ISN'T!

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Download the REAL Roblox+ by going to At the time or recording, the REAL Roblox+ has 1,000,000 users and around 6,500 reviews!

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Hey everyone! Another day, another person trying to steal Roblox accounts, huh? This time, we take a look into a plugin trying to pretend to be Roblox+ ( Roblox Plus), but actually steals your information! Please be careful before installing chrome extensions, and make sure that you're getting the right one from the original author. Is Roblox+ safe? Yes, as far as I know. Roblox+ is open source on GitHub, and the creator is very well known in the community. Any malicious code would be seen immediately. On the other hand, this version of Roblox+...don't use it!
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