'Road Rage' - A 750hp soundtrack. 4K

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Quiet winter roads disrupted by the sound of 750hp in the form of a custom Texas Speed LSX, with individual throttle bodies pulling air through custom machined velocity stacks protruding through its hood: 'Road Rage' takes one last run at the turns before winter hibernation and the midwest snow hits.

Turn it up and enjoy!

'Road Rage' is the spiritual successor to the original, Roadster Shop built 2nd Gen widebody racecar named 'Rampage'. A track focused weapon of a Camaro, which, when completed, naturally begged the question, "what if there was a road going version?" The answer was 'Road Rage'.

Built using much of the same suspension geometry, chassis principals and muscular body enhancements as it's predecessor, the road going version dials back the raw, racecar 'attack mode' and takes on a few more creature comforts. A full, Roadster Shop designed interior, upholstered by Avant Garde, sports bespoke trim and details like the one-off Dakota Digital gauges and host of CNC custom machined parts. Forgeline LS3C centerlock wheels complete the package with 18" fronts and 19" rears wrapped in Michelin Pilot Super Sport Tires (315/30/18F and 345/30/19R). Other specs include BASF Glasurit "Rage Blue" paint, Recaro Sportster seats, and Baer 6 Piston brakes.

Road Rage Build Gallery:

Fast Track Chassis for 2nd Gen F Body:
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