Removing stripped faucet seat with ease

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Not my original idea, just my attempt at a better video. I had a faucet seat that I tried to remove once before, but I stripped out the square socket because it was weak and just plain old. This shows how to remove stuck/stripped faucet seats with only a flathead screwdriver and a hammer. I cut right to the chase, having already removed the valve itself, showing only how to deal with this tricky issue.


I mentioned only using the screwdriver to thread the new seat in. After the video, I realized this is incorrect. When I used the screwdriver, it didn't tighten down all the way. I went easy so I didn't damage the new seat, which left it extending out too far and jammed the valve. Make sure you have a faucet seat wrench ($8) for the new seat to tighten it fully.
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