R3DAKT3D – New Symbol & Code by WB Games Montreal

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A new teaser by WB Games Montreal was unleashed today, as per usual, very cryptic and in the form of a puzzle this time around, which once solved, reveals a brand new symbol and the code for the second step entry on the website. Credit goes to the dedicated people in the
community who managed to put the pieces together and solve it.

Transcribed, the tweet says “the truth has been scrambled”, and the image reveals “access code 941” with a new symbol.

The center of the logo is surrounded by owl talons, indicating that
this might be one of the many Court of Owls symbol variations WB Games Montreal apparently has in store.

Once the code is entered on the website, it will give you another portion of the map, which had been leaked yesterday by dataminers. The picture comes with the caption “face two face”.

This is leading people to believe that WB is trying to hint at a potential Two-Face appearance in the game. As we are aware, Harvey Dent was set to have a role in the rebooted Damian Wayne Batman game that was leaked several years ago, but as his third personality, known as The Judge.

Turn on notifications for The Arkham Channel for more teasers from WB Games Montreal within the week. There are two more teaser days before the full game reveal on August 22, when a 20 minute panel will give us a first look at the game, followed by a Q&A with game director
Patrick Redding and senior producer Fleur Marty.

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