"Puma Dash" by Izhar {All Coins} | Geometry Dash 2.11

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Izhar has pretty much always made simple and cool design levels, and that is true for this level too. You might say that it feels a bit too simple or even empty at times, but it's fitting for a level of this difficulty to me. It's just that much easier to sightread and play. The level is quite fun to play, even though it features a "custom gamemode" at 0:13 and 0:52. Izhar has started making unique gameplay like this in his past few levels, which is a nice way to make his levels stand out a lot more. The reason I put that in quotation marks is because it isn't really a custom gamemode, since it jumps just as high as the Cube and feels somewhat like the Robot in how it moves up and down, but it's very nicely made nonetheless. The design and how it's animated is pretty much perfect for me. A four-legged Geometry Dash mode does look odd, though, even though Izhar did a nice job of matching the visuals of the default gamemode icons. I think that RobTop will find this gamemode really cool, and when the level plays this well, I can't see it getting anything less than an Epic rating.

Silver. 2/4. This level will most likely be about 4 stars, and for that, the coins are fine. They aren't very difficult to do, but there is some work required to get them. The coins could have been harder to find and get.
- 1st coin: Bronze. The first coin is the worst of the bunch, and that's because it's virtually free. While playing, the level stops moving for a second at 0:09, where a trigger orb appears above you. Using this trigger orb replaces the next spike with the coin. Sure, he wasn't too lazy with how the coin appears, which is done with a laser that removes the spike, but that doesn't change the fact that this coin is far too simple and easy. It would need more to it to get a higher rating.
- 2nd coin: Silver. The second coin is a noticeable upgrade from the first, requiring multiple trigger orbs and a key during the faster Cube part at 0:29. You have to use three trigger orbs, and the third one requires you to get a green key to unlock a platform. These collectibles aren't really any hard either, but adding more of them around makes it better than the first coin. A nice addition is the rotating blocks at 0:31 and 0:35 that help make the coin more confusing. With these collectibles, the coin is unlocked at 0:36. It goes without saying that it would have to be more difficult to get a higher rating.
- 3rd coin: Silver. This coin isn't as straightforward as the other two. You need to practice to be able to find it. You have to jump into the Spider portal at 0:36 to be able to reach the coin at 0:38. The normal route goes another way. It's nice to see coins like these with some tricks involved that has an alternate route integrated into the part. Sometimes extra routes make the normal route more confusing, but that doesn't happen in this, meaning that Izhar did a nice job with it. To get a Gold rating, it would need to have more to it, for example some collectibles.

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Game (version): Geometry Dash ()
Level: Puma Dash by Izhar
ID: 59593470
Music: O-oh hi-i t-there, J-J-Jaclyn by DjHoneyB

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