[Part 3] Played Pranks On Couples - Will I survive this time?

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[Part 3] Played Pranks On Couples - But It Bit Me Right Back.

Hey guys, Milo here…again! I’m going to share with you the final part of my awesome story, and trust me, you won't want to miss it!
For those of you who are struggling to keep up, in the second part I decided to make a move with Vanessa, despite knowing that she’s the little sister of my horrible ex! And also she was dating this thug Cane. The only thing matters is that she had feelings for me too, so I convinced Vanessa to dress sloppy so Cane would end it with her – of course, my genius plan worked. Then we started dating officially.

But I didn’t want Vanessa to find out the truth about my past relationship with her sister, so I made up some ridiculous story to her about how I wasn’t ready to face seeing her beloved sis yet as she was the mean girl that had made my life a living hell back in middle school.
Anyway, Cane found out about Deana being my ex and now he's threatening to tell Vanessa EVERYTHING unless I set him up on a date, with my sister Kayla!
I know, complicated, huh? I swear my life is just one big soap opera!
Anyway, tough luck sis, seems like you have a date with creepy Cane this Saturday!
Okay, so the fact she already has a boyfriend makes things somewhat complicated. I guess there was only one thing for it, I'd just have to trick her into going on the date.
So, Kayla loveees singing. I mean she's tone-deaf BUT she thinks she's Katy Perry or something. So, I figured that the most logical way to trick her into meeting Cane was to come up with some story about a talent agent being interested in her.
I told her that I had a friend who had a friend who knew a talent agent, and this agent would just LOVE to have dinner with her Saturday and talk about her career.
At first, she raised her eyebrow, and said, "as if."
So, I let out a long sigh, then replied: "As much as it pains me to admit that you have tlaent, well you do, so meet the agent or don't, as if I care," I shrugged, then I walked off.
I hadn't got far when she shouted after me, "yeah, okay, I'll be there."
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