Pandemic, US Update

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Kamala Harris, tested negative, abundance of caution

US Current cases


Cases, + 59,731 = 7, 894, 768

Cases per 100,000 = 2,386

+ 53,120 per day, over past 7 days

Representing a 23% increase over past 2 weeks

Deaths, + 1,009 = 216,025

Excess deaths

266,000 more than normal

September data

Deaths from all causes

Everywhere except Alaska and Hawaii



Cases, 178,000 or more students and employees

1,400 institutions

Deaths, 70

Student deaths, 2 this fall

Jails and prisons

Cases, 233,000 or more

Deaths, 1,372 (inmates and staff)

San Quentin

Cases, 2,500

Deaths, 29

Adamu Chan

I am very concerned

There’s no way to social distance

We all eat together

We have a communal bathroom

There’s no way to address a public health issue in an overcrowded facility

Nursing homes / long-term care

Facilities cases, 21,000

Cases, 532,000 + residents and employees

Deaths, 83,000

35% of total US deaths

Dr. Daniel Rusyniak

Chief medical officer, Indiana’s state social services

This disease creates the potential for a perfect storm in a long-term care facility

large groups of vulnerable people living together and a highly transmissible virus that may

not cause symptoms in those who care for them

Food production facilities

28 states provided data to CDC

Not all facilities submit reports


Cases, 16,000 or more

Deaths, 86

Large outbreaks have emerged on


Fruit or vegetable processing facilities

Pet food plants


Case, x 4 in the past month

Hospitalisations more than doubled during September

Test positivity rate,

(World Health Organization, at or below 5%, for two weeks, before reopening measures)

Positivity rates


South Dakota

Iowa 17%

Nevada 15%

Kansas 15%







Hospital data, 3rd October
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