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Andy with Andy’s Pipe Dream, here today to talk about outside hydrants with a step-by-step video tutorial.

Some may also refer to these hydrants as:
• Silcock
• Hosebib
• Outdoor Faucet

We here at Andy’s Pipe Dream would like to educate you on how to keep your hydrant/faucet from freezing in the wintertime. As well we will show you how to properly rebuild your hydrant/faucet.

A typical frost-free hydrant/faucet will have valve shut off component, draining excess water after being shut off. (This is what ultimately winterizes the hydrant/faucet)

Several common mistakes homeowners will make:

• Leaving a hose on will make the draining process impossible, causing freezing of the hydrant/faucet and eventual break.
• Other times people will properly shut of the hydrant/faucet but fail to notice a slow drip at the end of the spout, this too will cause freeze & eventual breaking.

The main purpose of this tutorial is to properly educate homeowners on how to dismantle a failing hydrant/faucet and replace older parts with newer working parts.

If you have additional questions or project needs, don’t hesitate to give Andy’s Pipe Dream a call:

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