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Oakley PRIZM® React is here! Sunglass Rob talks with Oakley about this game-changing lens technology. Three Prizm Tints—One Lens to Rule the Slopes.

Prizm React is the Ultimate Evolution of Snow Goggle Optics. Oakley R&D spent the last 5 years perfecting Oakley Prizm React, and it is coming in Fall 2018 on board the all-new Oakley Fall Line XL Prizm React!

You’ll never pull over to swap lenses or goggles ever again. With a satisfying press of the button, Prizm React cycles through three Prizm variants, each designed to excel in the full spectrum of lighting conditions.

Prizm Rose – 35% VLT for snowy, low light conditions.

Prizm Torch – 20% VLT for variable weather conditions.

Prizm Black – 10% VLT for clear skies and bright light.

Did we mention you can cycle through all three Prizm tints mid-run?! WHAT?

Unsightly, awkward battery pack? Nope! Oakley Fall Line XL Prizm React’s battery is seamlessly integrated right into the lens and frame.

Battery life? Non-issue. You can go weeks without a recharge. Turn it on when you go out, turn it off when you come back. Oakley R&D estimates 200 lens changes before needing a recharge, and it takes just 2 hours for a full charge.

Prizm React gives riders freedom from fumbling with lens changes, forever. Forget magnets, and “quick-change” lens systems. Prizm React cycles instantly, so you spend more time riding, and less time fumbling with lenses.

Freedom from lens swapping means you may never scratch another lens again. And you won’t have to risk falling off a lift or dropping your goggles/gloves trying to swap lenses. How awesome is that?

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