News: Ethereum (ETH) Price Surge 13.1% As Cloudflare Launchs A Gateway

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0:00:00 Ethereum (ETH) Price Surge 13.1% As Cloudflare Launchs A Gateway

0:00:05 This update is brought to you by "CoinCheckup News Updates" and was originally published on "NewsBTC".

0:00:12 The promise of Ethereum 2.0 is bliss for ETH holders.

0:00:16 As Cloudflare positions itself, prices are rallying.

0:00:19 Week to date, ETH is up 13.1 percent and could blast above $300 as buyers take charge.

0:00:26 The path for a “better” Ethereum is on, and ETH investors stand to reap huge benefits.

0:00:31 Trading below $300, Vitalik is brimming with confidence.

0:00:35 It all has to do with the recent update of Phase Zero of the Beacon Chain.

0:00:40 Comprised of Sharding and the shift to Proof of Stake, Ethereum will be faster, scalable and distinctively energy efficient.

0:00:47 However, the overarching goal is to cement its possible as a preferred smart contracting platform.

0:00:52 Pioneering in the sphere and allowing developers to launch their immutable, blockchain-riding applications, Ethereum’s smart contracting capability birthed asset tokenization.

0:01:02 Even though regulators are cracking the whip on different ICO projects, prosecuting founders for allegedly selling securities, the space is just warming up.

0:01:11 Ethereum facilitates a new form of financing.

0:01:14 Soon, projects will receive funding from fans remotely and without the need of filling reams of papers.

0:01:20 With a scalable, secure, and decentralized network without a point of weakness, the next wave could see ETH register new highs.

0:01:27 Beneficial for enterprises, Ethereum will be vital infrastructure.

0:01:32 Not to forego an opportunity, Cloudflare is launching an Ethereum gateway.

0:01:36 Trading at $288, ETH is 13.1 percent higher from last week’s close and less than $15 away from $300. If anything, this is progress with the resilience of buyers showing despite the trudging.

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