Naval Group CEO on Australia's Attack-class submarine program

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Interview with Pierre Eric Pommellet, Naval Group's chairman and CEO, about Australia's Attack-class submarine program.


Pierre Eric Pommellet visited Australia in February and met with Commonwealth officials for talks on matters including the joint 60 per cent agreement. Australia's Future Submarine Program reached a major milestone with the conclusion of negotiations between the Department of Defence and Naval Group for the amendments to the Strategic Partnering Agreement. This will see Naval Group’s commitment to spend at least 60 percent of the contract value in Australia over the life of the Program reflected formally in the Agreement, supporting Australian jobs in the defence industry.

The amendments ensure that the achievement of Naval Group’s commitment is now a contractual obligation, measured during the course of the Program, driving Australian industry involvement as the Attack class submarines are designed and delivered.

Construction on the first ship-in-class (the future HMAS Attack) is set to start in 2023 and its delivery should take place in the early 2030ies. The next units will follow with a cadence of one submarine every two years.

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