Minecraft Non-Euclidean Tricks! [+More Experiments]

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This Non Euclidean Minecraft mod keeps getting better and better! It's among my favorite Minecraft mods has brought to the table. Today I took it upon myself to test some things out, and answered some of your questions, as well as some of my own. My next video should hopefully be my collaboration with PhoenixSC, Bionic, Lynix, Quiff, and Doni Bobes, so stay tuned for that! Enjoy the video!

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To try it out for yourself, you will need:

Minecraft Fabric
Fabric API

Immersive Portals Mod

Pehkui Mod


Editing by: Me :D
Music by: Toby Fox, Lemmino


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If you've read this far, recommend me some other Minecraft mods (preferably Fabric Mods)! I like the Minecraft Non Euclidean stuff but I wanna know what else you guys might enjoy!
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