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This channel is part of the International Association of Facial Growth Guidance. A nonprofit organisation which aims to raise awareness of alternative orthodontic methods and ideas, which too few people are informed of.

The main aim of the platform is to precipitate debate on why teeth are crooked. Most people are not aware that (in most cases) the dental profession has little or no idea why the teeth are crooked, or for that matter why children need major surgery. Clearly there are genetic issues, however the science is clear, the weight of quality research papers, in respected peer reviewed journals, show that our modern lifestyle is a more important factor and most importantly we can do something about this.

This is especially important as sleep apnoea, TMD, forward head posture and a most otolaryngology problems are implicated as other symptoms of the same underlying problem.

Disclaimer; We regularly post discussions and debates from guests and colleges. The IAFGG is not responsible for all the opinions, statements or content of the material posted, especially that from guess lecturers.

The organisations web site is;

The secretary can be contacted at:

Orthodontic Health Limited
Email: theclinic@
Tel. No: 00442086603695
Address: 16A Pampisford Road
Greater London
United Kingdom

This channel also acts as a forum to make openly, speculative suggestions, to find common ground with other professionals (in both related and seemingly unrelated fields), educated lay people and members of the public at large, to either support or detract on the information provided, but either way engage in the scientific process. In the pursuit of the truth it is normal in science to make speculative comments which may not have full scientific support, and we welcome feedback and discussion.

In general, the videos posted on this web site are not advertisements, and will clearly be labelled as such if necessary. Apart from educational books, the association does not sell anything or encourage anyone to have any form of treatment. It does aim to make people think, consider all options, ask questions and become fully informed.

Much of what is discussed on this site is not available from even the registered members, however a list of members is available on the web site,

Orthotropics essential means straight or correct growth. If your faces grows well it tends to work well. The concept is based on the Tropic Premise;

The underlying pathology of malocclusion and the related symptoms is referred to as Craniofacial Dystrophy;

The association feels that it should be possible to prevent or at least minimise the level of craniofacial dystrophy through simple public health measures.
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