MAJOR Neuralink Update: The Next Stage of Human Evolution

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On August 28th, Elon Musk’s secretive startup, Neuralink, live streamed a major update on their brain-machine interface that will turn humans into cyborgs.

The biggest existential threat to humanity is not nuclear war, climate change, or even war but artificial intelligence. As Ai gets smarter, do things better and faster than us, more jobs get automated and more people are left in the dust.

The oldest part of our brains is our limbic system. The threat of Ai calls for a better, newer layer of the human brain that is able to catch up to its computer counterparts. We need a digital super intelligence layer as Elon likes to call it. This is where Neuralink comes in. A tiny computer that is mounted to your skull, hooks up wires directly to your brain so that we can hopefully have a symbiosis with Ai. Neuralink will be used to cure a lot of brain and spine problems. If we had a device that corrects these signals, we would be able to solve almost all of these disorders that cause a lot of suffering in the world.

The biggest update they announced was their Three Little Pigs demo. The first little pig was Joyce, the control of the experiment. The second pig was playing around and didn’t want to come out right away. The third pig, Darthy, used to have a neuralink implant but had it removed. Finally, we were able to lure Gertrude out who has a Neuralink installed in her brain and is still as happy and healthy as the other pigs. Neuralink is actually working!

If you implanted a neuralink in a person’s brain, and another one after where their spinal cord is severed, the first implant picks up that data, and sends it to the second implant past the spinal cord injury, thus allowing them to walk again naturally.

When they first unveiled their N1 prototype last year, it was pretty complex, and getting it installed was pretty hard. You would have to drill multiple holes into your skull for the sensors, then tunnel those wires underneath your skin down to the back of your ear, and you would still need to have a device connected to the outside of your body behind your ear for the battery and bluetooth. The new prototype they unveiled, version , is drastically simplified. It’s just one piece about the size of a large coin. The wires are connected directly to the implant, then to your brain.

The biggest challenges remaining involve the material science, fully automating the surgery from start to finish with the robot and working out the logistics of productionizing a very complicated digital medical device.

Would you get one of these yourself?

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