Kozuchi's Death || OHNOKI'S RAGE! || Boruto REACTION: Episode 86

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Kozuchi's Death || OHNOKI'S RAGE! || Boruto REACTION: Episode 86. This Boruto reaction Ohnoki explained his reasoning behind why he made the Akuta and the other fabrications. He started to explain the story behind his grandson, Kozuchi. Ohnoki was lecturing him on how to become a great shinobi, and eventually the Tsuchikage. Taking his advice, Kozuchi went on his own to take out some rouge ninja, and was killed. We then saw Ohnoki's rage and sadness consume him, leading him down the dark path of where he is today. Boruto and Ohnoki disagreed about fabrications and the akuta, when they were interrupted by Kakou, who stumbled upon them and found his target - Ohnoki.

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