Items & Equips Core - VisuStella MZ Plugin #6

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The VisuStella MZ Plugin Library is a collection of plugins made for RPG Maker MZ. The team is lead by Yanfly and Archeia and the plugins are created by many of the prolific plugin developers found throughout the community.

The Items & Equips Core makes improvements to the RPG Maker MZ item and equipment dedicated scenes (including the shop) and how they're handled. From more item categories, better parameter control, rulings, and more, game devs are able to take control over key aspects of their game's items.

Features include all (but not limited to) the following:

- Modifying the appearances to the Item Scene, Equip Scene, and Shop Scene.
- Categorizing items in unique and multiple categories.
- Item Scene and Shop Scene will now display detailed information on items.
- NEW! marker can be displayed over recently acquired items in-game.
- Equipment notetags to adjust parameters past the editor limitations.
- Equipment Rulings to adjust what slot types can and can't be unequipped and/or optimized.
- Equipment Type Handling offers more control over equipment loadouts.
- Items sold in shops can be hidden/shown based on Switches.
- Items sold in shops can have varying prices adjusted by notetags.

For more information on this plugin, visit the wiki page!

This plugin has been created, fixed up, and polished by:

- Yanfly
- Arisu
- Olivia
- Irina
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