"Intermission" by knots {All Coins} | Geometry Dash 2.11

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knots is back with another level, and of course it's another banger. At this point, I think he has to be my personal favorite creator of as a whole. Sure, there are other creators who might've had more variety in their works this version, and others who have made masterpieces I won't forget, but knots has made consistently put out great levels. He has grinded his "modern" style close to perfection in my opinion, and that's without mentioning how fun all of his levels are. Needless to say, this level is no exception. He is the current record holder of Epics in a row, and this will surely be the 19th in that regard. This level is nearly 3 minutes long, featuring colorful parts with nice background art. The art goes from umbrellas to space, which is a part of the charm, even though it could be nice to have a clearer overall theme. Besides that, there isn't much to say really. Go play this masterpiece once it's out! It'll be about 7 stars.

Gold. 3/4. The coins in this are worthy of the level's quality. The coins in this are fun to do because they aren't too hidden or hard to get. They're very nicely balanced. The first one doesn't quite reach up to the second in terms of originality, though.
- 1st coin: Silver. The first coin route starts at 0:59, where you can see a small arrow pointing up. I think knots could have made the hint a bit more subtle, as the arrow is pretty easy to notice. Most people will probably go down instead of up, though, so I think many will overlook it. This route is noticeably tighter than the normal route. At 1:01, you may go through the Cube portal and just fall down into the normal route again, but you're supposed to use a blue orb that is hidden behind the portal. It's a bit tricky to click while transitioning, which is good. The coin is then found at 1:04. Maybe a collectible to unlock the alternate Wave route would be nice? It's still a nice coin, but it doesn't quite reach up to Gold because it's not too hard to find and the coin route is a bit harder, but not by much.
- 2nd coin: Viprin Certified. This coin is where knots really went all out. It's both harder to find and get than the first coin, but it also has some really unique and cool stuff involved. At 1:44, you can see me collect the first collectible for the coin route. These are custom, which is always a nice thing. Not only are they custom, but knots made a really nice animation for when you get them. When I first played through the levell, I didn't notice any of these collectibles, which goes to show you how well they fit in with the normal route. It's hard to notice them, and there are 7 to be found all the way to 2:06. Some of them require a bit of extra skill, especially the one at 1:50, where you have to let go off the dash orb and jump from the platform before going into the mini portal, otherwise you won't quite reach up. Now, collecting 7 really nice custom collectibles wouldn't warrant a Viprin Certified rating, since the requirement for this is a concept not seen for coins before, and custom collectibles have been done before. This is all about 2:05, where you can see me skip the last collectible. When you go for the collectibles, you'll think to yourself that you're lucky the 7th one is free, and keep going to reach the coin. Each star unlocks a really nice platform at 2:14, which helps you go above the size portal, as you have to stay mini to reach the coin. The 7th star will unlock a platform to the right at 2:19 that is full of spikes, making you unable to go down to the normal route. When I played it in practice, I had to return to where I got the 7th collectible and intentionally skip it, then return here to be able to get the coin. Now, as mini, you can fall down at 2:22 and reach the coin. This might sound very simple, but it's something I've never seen before. The coin features 7 amazing custom collectibles, which are hard to find and get. Each of them unlock a platform with a design that fits the collectible perfectly, and these help you skip the normal size portal. This shows great coin execution. In addition, you have to intentionally skip the 7th collectible to be able to reach the coin, which adds the extra originality required for Viprin Certified. This coin is both exceptionally well-made, and it's also fun to get, so I think you should try it out!

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Game (version): Geometry Dash ()
Level: Intermission by knots
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Music: To The Moon by Dunderpatrullen

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