Indian Defence Updates : Tejas MK1A Stealth Detection,100+ WhAP Order,10 MANPADS,DRDO Next-Gen Radar

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Top 6 Indian Defence News Headlines on Today's "Indian Defence Updates” episode are as follows :

1. DRDO starts prototyping phase of GaN HEMT begins : Next Gen Radar.
2. ADA-HAL selects british firm Martin-Baker's MK-16 Ejection Seats for #TejasMark2.
3. Tejas Mark1A to feature L-Band Array : IFF & Stealth aircraft detection.
4. CVRDE releases RFP to manufacture & supply of 600 hp engine : 100+ WhAP order #DRDOWhAP
5. DRDO begins fabrication work on 10 indigenous Man-portable air-defense systems (#MANPADS) : testing by end of 2021.
6. MDL shipbuilding infrastructure to be idle by 2025 : seeks 4 ships & 7 more submarines order.


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