I investigate this creepy tunnel - Coseley tunnel | Paranormal investigation | Necrophonic app

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I Investigate this creepy tunnel which is said to be haunted by many locals after the history dates back to the 1900s when hannah johnson cox murdered her young children at the entrance of the tunnel wrapped them up in a apron which later when ended up in a mental asylum which is said her spirit still lurks at this tunnel .

after conducting this investigation I get some wierd stuff noises , bangs and slight voices .there could be rational explanations behind some this but it was very strange especially the rem pod going off on command and it felt like my bag was touched and pulled
I also use the necrophonic application to test if there's any spirits in the tunnel and I get some bizzare results which is said the necrophonic app is proven to be usefull by some paranormal investigators but my favorite equipment is spirit box which I didn't have my cable to use the speaker at the time - considering coming back to this tunnel for part 2 further investigation

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