How to master the "Buy the Dip" strategy when Day Trading!

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Learn the best way to identify a strong trend and how to profit from the "Buy the Dip" strategy! ******. Watch our Live Trading show, Monday to Friday from 9 am to Noon!

In this video the crew will explain in detail how to both identify a strong trend and also how to profit from the "Buy the Dip" trading strategy. We will provide multiple different concepts and approaches to both identifying the proper setup and executing consistently profitable trades.

0:00 Intro
0:55 Neal and Shawn to identify trend
1:55 Shawn uses WFC as a great example
3:04 How do we identify a strong stock?
3:36 Neal uses CODX as an example of a strong stock
5:10 Shawn uses SQ as great example from a swing trade perspective
6:30 Shawn uses WFC again to demonstrate intraday trends vs. daily
7:32 How to execute "Buying the Dip"
7:42 Brendan uses a futures chart as an example with a candle stick entry
10:30 How do we define when a stock is no longer trending?
11:21 Neal uses NCLH to show how a major resistance level can stop a trend
12:55 Summary of topics discussed

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