How to Make Money with Bitcoin Faucets (in less than 30 minutes)

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IMPORTANT! FaucetBox is no longer operational. You can use FaucetHub instead.

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How to set up a Bitcoin faucet
Step 1 - Get a domain name ()

Step 2 - Get a hosting account (https://99Bitcoins/bluehost)
note: you can also use the coupons code "99bitcoins" to get 25% off hosting at Hostgator.

Step 3 - Create a database and a user for that database (explained in the video)

Step 4 - Go to and download the faucet script

Step 5 - Change the details of the database inside the of the files you've just downloadrd

Step 6 - Upload all of the files to your server

Step 7 - Create a FaucetBox () account and get the API keys

Step 8 - Configure your faucet by going to your domain and entering the API keys and deciding on payouts

Step 9 - Add a captcha service (explained in the video)

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, I will probably put out another tutorial soon about how to bring traffic to your faucet and how to make more money from it. For all questions and comments visit

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