Horizen Live Stream 3 July 2019 - Community Activity and Team Updates

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Update from Horizen team hosted by:
Co-founder and Team Lead - Rob Viglione (@finpunk)
Project Manager - Luca Cermelli
Sr Software Developer - Allan Dumaine
Sr Marketing Manager - Lucy Wang
Country Manager - Angie Villarreal

Big Picture - Accomplishments - Development - Marketing - News - Updates

Content Menu:
Community Member Highlight 2:27
Business Development Update 4:19
Completed Projects 7:10
Active Projects 8:05
Sidechain Project (Alpha) 12:08
ZEN 2.0.18 Software Upgrade 21:16
Horizen Nodes Update 23:08
Marketing Update 24:56
Q2 Review 28:00
Monthly Livestream Trivia 32:37
Upcoming Events 34:23
LatAm Market 36:14
Central European & Kenya Market 38:46
Russian/Eastern European & CIS Market 40:12
Italian Market 41:06
Q&A 48:22

Horizen is an exciting cryptocurrency with a solid technological foundation, unique capabilities, an active and capable team, ongoing funding for improvements, and a large, positive, encouraging community.

ZEN is available and trading now on Bittrex, Binance, Changelly, and more, has wallets available that implement advanced private transaction and messaging capability, and has a strong roadmap.

The goal of Horizen is to create a usable private cryptocurrency operating on a resilient system for people and businesses worldwide, enabling the daily use of private transactions, messaging, and publishing everywhere, all the time.
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