Hidden LEPRECHAUN Presents!! Adley & Niko find secret POTS of GOLD inside the house Hide N Seek! ???

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our Leprechaun gave the house a green and gold makeover ????


HEY EVERYBODY!! The Leprechaun is back and he is ready to play tricks on our whole family!! It's been getting nice outside so our family wanted to play outside on the trampoline! We have so much fun playing games with each other but it takes a lot of energy! After playing a while we wanted a drink break so we could be refreshed and then we could play more!! When we walked into our house there was a HUGE mess!! All of our chairs were tipped over and there were green streamers everywhere!! There was one chair still standing and when we went over there we saw that there was a note attached to it from the Leprechaun!! It said - "it’s me, L, your favorite little friend!
Leprechaun day is coming up, and you know what that means? I get to play some tricks on your family and you try and catch me. This year I’m being extra sneaky so good luck trying to trap me.

I want you to be ready for the special day so I’ve left you some surprises to help you prepare. I brought you some of my very own gold! But I’m not just going to hand it over, I’ve hidden the coins all over the house for you to try and find! I hope you're ready for the challenge, good luck!"

He's back and better than ever!! After reading the note we all sprung into action and searched the house high and low for all the hidden pots of gold! We found a lot of them but most of them were fake gold!! That tricky leprechaun!! After searching for a while we finally found the gold!! It was hidden so good! When we looked closer at it though we saw something, IT WAS CHOCOLATE!! Even though it wasn't real gold my family was still pretty happy with this treat!! We then set out our leprechaun trap so hopefully, we can catch him in the morning!!

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Bye vlog *pshhhhh*
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