Hash Wars | Bitcoin Cash BCH | ABC vs SV Explained | Hard Fork Summary

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The Bitcoin Cash BCH ABC vs SV 2018 hard fork drama continues to grow. Here is my summary of the current Bitcoin Cash hard fork drama and how there is currently a hashpower war taking place as two different groups from within the Bitcoin Cash BCH community fight for the longest BCH blockchain (satoshi rule).
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Bitcoin Cash ABC is lead by Roger Ver who is essentially the face of BCH and is also being backed by Jihan Wu / Bitmain / Antminer.

Bitcoin Cash SV is lead by Craig Wright who claims to be Satoshi Nakamoto, however many refer to him as faketoshi.

All sources and relevant links to BCH 2018 hardfork
Monitor blockchain height of BCH forks - http://bit.ly/2Q1oon1
Monitor Bitcoin Cash hashpower war - http://bit.ly/2DG9kFC
Craig Wright twitter / tweet of BTC threats - http://bit.ly/2OMzN5i
What is difference Bitcoin Cash ABC vs SV - http://bit.ly/2zW32xc
Is Ripple XRP more decentralized than BTC - http://bit.ly/2RVRv8x
Empty blocks, 51% attack, & Satoshis Shotgun - http://bit.ly/2Q1p0sP

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