Geometry Dash- [Medium Demon] chorky by ceruglyphy (All coins)

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This video shows coin 3. You have to get them all separately, so here are links to unlisted videos of the other two:

Coin 1-

Coin 2-

I have a lot to say about this coin, so it's rant time:

Okay, so this coin is the WORST coin I have ever gotten. Seriously, it's worse than any of the coins in pop up, at least for me. Everything about it is incredibly stupid. You have to get 4 collectables, one of which is passing through that block at 28%. This one is an absolute PAIN because the space you fly into to nab it, is incredibly tight and has no slopes to push you into it. These collectables are also an absolute pain in the ass to figure out in the editor and I probably wasted around an hour and a half just figuring it out.

Now, getting into the main issue with this coin. THE STUPID ASS TAP COUNTER. Not only do you have to get the dumb collectables, you also have to play the whole level super awkwardly in order to do it in a low amount of total inputs. A great example of this is the UFO part at 23% where you fly low into the portal and it somehow makes a lot of the gravity changes auto. This just adds more unneeded figuring out.

Finally, if you happened to have a more low end device, the LDM deliberately makes the coins just kill you. This is absolutely pathetic as not everyone can run this level and the mocking text is stupid.

As a result of this awful coin, I would consider this one of the most annoying levels in the game. Such a shame too, because it's honestly a pretty decent level if you don't get the coins.

On a more positive note, the decoration is really good, very well executed colours, block designs and backgrounds.

I should also probably mention that the first two coins are nowhere near as bad. They're still kind of irritating, but they're tolerable.

---Level Info---
-Level name: chorky
-Level ID: 59621833
-Creators: ceruglyphy
-Rating: Medium Demon
-Epic: No
-Coins: 3/3
-Attempts: 1,572 (Thanks to coin 3)
-Demon Number: 2710

-Level song: Cosmic Dolphin by megawolf77
-Song ID: 482542
-Song Link:

Support the Artist:
megawolf77 Newgrounds-
Personal Rating: 4/5 (Insane Demon) (With coins)
Personal Rating: 2/5 (Medium Demon) (Without coins)
In-Game Rating: 2/5 (Medium Demon)
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