Geometry Dash 2.11 | Daily Level #1131 - Puma Dash by Izhar [3 Coins]

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1st Coin - 0:13 (14%) [Trigger - 0:12 (13%)]
2nd Coin - 0:37 (57%) [a whole bunch of shit - 0:33 and on (50% and on)]
3rd Coin - 0:38 (58%)

Level Song:

"Puma Dash by Izhar (Hard 5*)"

I've worked 9 hours since the last time I've uploaded. Getting a bit lazy now, but oh well.

Anyways, not much to really say here. Haven't seen this creator in quite some time. Obviously, the fucking thingy is the main premise of the level. And you know what, it looks pretty fucking good. The animation isn't all wonky, the thing itself doesn't look like it's missing a few genes. Conceptually it could end up being a pretty fucking cool thing. However, the rest of the level doesn't really hold up. Most of the gameplay, if not all of it, is just normal platformy cube jumps skinned as the thing. This almost just feels like a tech demo for a new gamemode, except the gamemode doesn't really have anything different from a cube/robot.

Only thing of note other than the thingy, is the coin routes. Yeah, not too bad. Especially the second one, sort of a split path without being too out of place or fucking ridiculous. It's not a completely unique path to the main route, but it deviates enough to be fucking alright.

From a purely conceptual standpoint, this level at least achieved a lot more fucking interest than a typical mediocre level. The thing is, the entire level also only stands by that one gimmick, and perhaps a decent coin route. There's a workable concept, but nothing really has been built around it to work with it. The very first time I entered the level, I thought I was in for another fucking Power, or that this was some " nostalgia""""" level.

Alright, one more thing to add on since I forgot. The blocky trees don't look bad either. But again, it doesn't work with all the other elements. The gameplay is pretty lackluster, and base decoration even more so. You can have good aspects, but in order to really blow the entire level out of the park, everything needs to fit together. A level is only as good as its worst aspects. If you have amazing decoration but shit gameplay, most people will just remember the shit gameplay. And vice versa, and all other cases.

Alright, back to work. Or rather, procrastinating.

#geometrydash #dailylevel #pumadash
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