Faucet infrared motion sensor from Xiaomi Youpin store?! [Xiaomify]

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Today we're looking at the water tap motion sensor as found in the Xiaomi Youpin Store in China. Is it any good??! Find the sensor on • AliExpress:
• Gearbest:
• Banggood:

The sensor comes with 6 different types of mount for a variety of water taps and it's really quite easy to install. Once installed the operation is quite easy as well as it has two infrared motion sensors. One sensor is located on the bottom, facing down, which is good for washing your hands as it only gives out water when it detects your hand and will stop giving out water when you either lower your hands or move them aside.

The sensor on the side is good for filling up a pan for example. This sensor gives out water when it detects your hand and continues to give out water until it detects movement again. It has built-in protection which will stop the water flow after 3 minutes.

The faucet sensor has a built-in (550 mAh) battery which will last for a very long time. You can charge it with using the micro-USB port on the side of the unit. Since I have charged it, 3 months ago, it's still up and running as of today on its first charge.

Overall I think this is a very cool product and I could see many of you be interested in this. The only thing you will really have to get used to is to have the actual handle of your water tap opened at all times for this to work. Also, you will have to get your hands quite close to the bottom sensor. It's mentioned in the manual it should be around 15-cm for this sensor to detect your hands but in my experience, this seemed a lot closer to 10 cm.
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