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Malir River is also known as Malir Nadi & Malir Drain. Malir River is a seasonal river located in Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan. It passes through the city of Karachi from the northeast, through the center, and drains into the Arabian Sea. Railway Track Passing Over Mailr River Between Landhi & Malir Stations in Karachi. it's Situated At 27 KM According To ML-1 Kilometer Marking.

In this Video, You Can See Two Express Trains Millat Express & Pak Business Express Near Malir Bridge & KCR 4 DN Passing Over Malir Bridge, Karachi.

Date: 19 December, 2020
Place: Malir River Bridge, Karachi, Sindh

1st Action:
Time: 04:26 PM
Locomotive: HGMU-30-8214
Train Name: 18 DN Millat Express

2nd Action:
Time: 04:34 PM
Locomotive: AGE-30-6029
Train Name: 33 UP Pak Business Express

3rd Action:
Time: 05:13 PM
Locomotive: GMU-30-4711
Train Name: KCR 4 DN
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