DIY How to Replace Shower Faucet Trim Plate and Handle [Moen]

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Parts used in this video: DANCO Tub/Shower Trim Kit for Moen, Brushed Nickel:
DANCO Tub Spout, Pull Up Diverter, 6 Inches, Brushed Nickel:

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In this DIY shower plate installation video on how to change your shower escutcheon plate, we also mentioned our other video we mentioned on How To Remove Cigarette Smoke Smell Coming From Neighbor's Apartment:

In this shower plate installation video we show yo how to replace shower faucet trim for a Moen shower plate. This install turns out to have a Moen shower valve. These concepts work on most shower trim kit installations, for example on Delta faucets, and Delta Trim kits, but the parts shown here are from an old Moen Chateau series.

The first part of your DIY bathroom renovation shower faucet repair is the shower faucet removal of the old Moen shower plate, or your Delta faucet and Delta trim kit.

Moen shower plate replacement

First and foremost, cut off the water supply first, and make sure no water comes out of the pipes when turning on the faucet to test. Then you can start with the shower faucet removal. This is also a great shower faucet repair to make if you have a shower faucet knob loose. This should always be Step #1 in any shower plate installation. Remember this whether you have a Delta Trim Kit or a Moen trim kit shower plate.

shower escutcheon replacement

Once the water is turned off to the bathroom shower, pop the plastic cap off the front of the single knob shower faucet and unscrew the retaining screw in the middle of the shower faucet knob. Once this is done, pull off the single knob shower faucet.

Continue with shower faucet removal

Once the shower faucet knob is removed, then remove the shower faucet plate cover, also known as a shower escutcheon plate, usually held in place by 2 screws.

Once the Moen shower plate has been removed, you can then pull out the old Moen shower valve, by pulling up on the horseshoe shaped retaining clip, and pulling it right out of the top of the shower valve sleeve.

replace shower faucet trim

DO NOT Pull that clip until the water is shut off, or you will gush full pressure water, and become on of those YouTube plumbing fail videos. Shower escutcheon replacement requires paying close attention to the water, and knowing at all times if it is on or off, and knowing if you are about to do will cause a deluge of water.

As part of your DIY Moen shower faucet replacement project, take your old Moen shower valve to Home Depot, and get a match for a brand new replacement Moen shower valve.

New shower faucet install

As part of your new shower faucet install, replace the new Moen shower valve and slide the retaining clip back into place. Slide in the new sleeve, and if you go with the modern metal handle instead of the older style plastic shower knob replacement, you first attach the correct adapter weight, then attach the new handle with the set screw and Allen wrench.

Shower plate installation

The next part of your DIY bathroom renovation project and shower faucet replacement is the Shower plate installation, where you screw into place the new Moen shower escutcheon plate. With that, your shower escutcheon plate replacement is complete. You have now successfully completed your Moen shower plate replacement.

Don't forget when you complete your shower escutcheon replacement, be sure to place a bead of silicone caulk around the shower escutcheon plate, but leave about the bottom 1" at the 6 O'Clock position un-caulked, so that any water that might get behind the shower escutcheon plate has a way to exit out.

The shower faucet repair is now complete

Now you are ready to perform your own DIY Moen shower faucet replacement and faucet trim kit installation. Now you can help yours replace shower faucet trim kits in the bathroom shower renovation.
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