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Dead Space - Chapter 7 Into the Void - Hard Difficulty - No Commentary Walkthrough [1080p]

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Isaac has been instructed by Kendra to get down to the mining shaft and attach an S.O.S. Beacon to an asteroid in the mining deck so the three of them can call for help and escape the ship.
Along the way, Isaac encounters Nicole, who appears to be alive and well. She helps Isaac get into the room containing the S.O.S Beacon. She could not reach him due to the gap of space between them, but promises to find another way. Isaac then goes out to the asteroid within the ship, attaches the beacon, destroys the Gravity Tethers holding it in place, and launches it into space.
It is then that Kendra tells Isaac that the comms array is not responding, and to head to the bridge to get it working, otherwise they cannot respond to anyone responding to the beacon.

Dead Space - Chapter 7 Into the Void - no commentary walkthrough on hard difficulty. All locations with power nodes, schematics, text logs and audio logs.

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