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Dead Space - Chapter 4 Obliteration Imminent - Hard Difficulty - No Commentary Walkthrough [1080p]

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Dead Space - Chapter 4 Obliteration Imminent - no commentary walkthrough on hard difficulty. All locations with power nodes, schematics, text logs and audio logs.

This level sees Isaac trying to keep the Ishimura from being ripped apart from the upcoming meteor shower since the Ishimura's orbit is not decaying anymore. Isaac makes it to the bridge, where he runs into his largest enemy yet: a Brute. The ADS Cannon's three main power sources are offline and Isaac has to turn them back on. When all three sources are turned on the player will have to head to an ADS Cannon to control it until Hammond turns the defense system back on. The player will have to pass a Zero G environment (the starboard hull) to get to the cannon at the other side but use caution; hundreds of meteors are still striking the hull and even a glancing hit will cause death. Fortunately the section of hull he must cross is dotted with bulkheads that will protect Isaac from the periodic barrages. When Isaac crosses the hull and enters the firing pit for ADS Cannon 47 he takes manual control of the cannon while Hammond works to restore the ADS Grid's automated tracking system. During this period Isaac must destroy as many asteroids as possible. The Cannon can fire both barrels on either Semi-automatic or fully automatic. Once Isaac succeeds in saving the ship from asteroids, Kendra appears with news of a threat of poisened air coming from the greenery of the Hydroponics Deck.

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