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Dead Space - Chapter 3 Course Correction - Hard Difficulty - No Commentary Walkthrough [1080p]

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Dead Space - Chapter 3 Course Correction - no commentary walkthrough on hard difficulty. All locations with power nodes, schematics, text logs and audio logs.

When Isaac exits the tram he boarded at the end of Chapter 2, Hammond tells him that the Engines are offline because they have no fuel and that the Gravity Centrifuge is offline meaning that trillions of tons of rock from the planet crack are pulling the Ishimura towards Aegis VII, Isaac's new objective is to solve these problems. In the main Engineering room, Isaac finds an audio log created by an engineer named Jacob Temple who is trying to fix the same problems as Isaac. After refueling the 1st Engine using Kinesis to pull down a switch, Isaac has to use a Gondola to gain access to the 2nd Engine refueling switch. A large number of Slashers and Enhanced Slasher ambush Isaac once he exits the Gondola, when he activates the second engine refueling switch he finds another audio log from Temple who believes that someone (possibly a Unitologist) has sabotaged the fuel lines. Had Temple not fixed them before Isaac's arrival, it would be up to him to do it.
When Isaac returns to the Main Engineering Room, an Infector turns a corpse into an Enhanced Slasher. He then takes an elevator towards the Centrifuge and, while passing through a decontamination room, is attacked by Leapers and Slashers. There are two spherical holes that have been torn through a corridor that Isaac passes through on his way to the Gravity Centifuge which he enters in zero gravity. After killing another pair of Leapers, Isaac uses his Stasis Module to slow down the spinning roters on a pair of clutches and uses his Kinesis Module to insert them into the Centrifuge which prompts more Leapers to attack. Isaac interacts with a monitor that activates the Centrifuge via his RIG which also removes the oxygen from the room. In order to leave the room, he has to not only battle Necromorphs, but also avoid a spinning mechanical appendage while conserving a limited oxygen supply. It is on his way back to the Main Engineering Control Room that Isaac discovers the source of the holes in the corridor - a Drag Tentacle. Isaac makes short work of it and is contacted by Kendra Daniels for the first time since Chapter 2: Intensive Care. She tells both him and Zach Hammond that: she has barricaded herself in the Computer Core, she has discovered that the colonists' dementia was caused by a certain artifact they found, and that she is unlocking the door that Isaac needs to pass in order to reach the Engine Chamber.
Isaac passes through the newly opened door and through a Zero-G vacuum when he comes across a multi-level room filled with a substance known as The Corruption. In this room he finds another audio log made by Jacob Temple in which he says that he is giving up his attempt on fixing the ship and that his new goal is to find his girlfriend Elizabeth Cross and escape the doomed ship. In the middle level of this large room, Isaac watches a man die who appears to have been killed by Swarmers and on lower level, men who are attached to the wall by the corruption wail in pain and Isaac is powerless to help them (these men will later be transformed into Guardians). He uses the Stasis Module to pass through another malfunctioning door and defeats some Necromorphs before entering the Engine Room. After killing Slashers who are dragging dead crewmembers away, Isaac battles his first Pregnant before peparing the engines for the engine ignition sequence. It takes some time for this to happen and Isaac battles a large number of Necromorphs (including the female Slasher) before he can ignite the engines.
Finally on his way back to the tram, Isaac is contacted by Hammond who wants to take the ship back into geostationary orbit but Kendra tells them that they need to activate the ship's ADS (Asteroid Defense System) in order to pass through the debris field caused by the Aegis VII planet crack. Hammond tells Isaac to meet him at the bridge and he makes his way back to the tram when he is contacted briefly by his missing girlfriend Nicole Brennan. There is one more Slasher to kill before Isaac boards the tram and ends Chapter 3.

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