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Day Trading vs. Long Term Investing? Checking out Trading 212!

In today’s video I wanted to share the different approaches to putting money into financial markets.

You can do this by day trading different financial markets like the foreign exchange market (forex), stock market, commodities. This is what I would consider someone who is active in the financial markets.

Or you can take the long term buy and hold approach as an investor like Warren Buffet. This is what I would consider as the more passive investor, who purchases stocks in a bunch of great companies over time and benefits from the compounded growth on an investment portfolio.

Now traders and investors are different, and they can predominantly separated by 5 key elements; mindset, risk, objectives, skillset and account types.

During this video I discuss these 5 elements in a little more detail, and show you the difference between the Trading212 ISA account versus the Trading212 CFD account, because each of these accounts have their individual purposes depending on whether you’re an investor or a trader.

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Disclaimer: All ideas presented within this video are that of my own based on my own opinions. Please do not consider any of these videos as financial advice as I am NOT a financial advisor. All financial decisions and choices made are solely your responsibility. The views shared in this video are just for entertainment purposes only.
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