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Bitmex/ Bitseven Consultation I can teach anyone my 1 min German Pinprick Strategy in just ONE 25-30 min session How it works -We speak through the computer privately as I share my screen with you. I will explain my system in simple plain English and COST IS STILL ONLY 0.11 btc CONTACT ME FOR MORE INFORMATION discord is best DISCORD INVITE – https://discord.gg/zCy5Xvt Last resort contact me by email teamus_oracle@protonmail.com
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Notice: Trading or investing in any Digital Asset is a very high-risk activity. Digital Asset Prices are very volatile, where prices can change significantly over time and platforms run away! Please use extra consideration in making decisions. All trading decisions, buying and saving digital assets are the responsibility and independent decision by the user. These videos are for entertainment purposes only. Iam not your financial consultant, long lost brother or uber driver. Oracle is an employee of Antonio Ventures LLC all information is not investment advice but for entertainment purposes only.

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