Condensed Milk - Will It Soft Serve?

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I try to make ice cream out of condensed milk!

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????♻️My Stance On Food Waste ♻️????
With Will It Soft Serve, I'm very conscious of this.
???? In order to reduce waste, where I can, I use food that’s on a “reduced to clear” shelf or close to or past expiry.
???? If I'm buying bulk supplies from a cash-and-carry, I'm also buying things my local food bank needs.
???? I have been making donations to the Trussell Trust, a network of UK food banks since I bought the soft serve machine.
I have set up a donation page so I can donate publicly, and it also provides an easy way for you to donate to a food bank if you feel inclined. I am not asking anyone to match my donations.
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